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Automation Testing

Public facing portal to increase operational efficiency for API customers. Application divided in customers portal and Internal SPOC and integrated with Salesforce portal.

Scope of work included developing the automation test scripts using the Katalon Studio tool to check data exchange between the Customer Portal, Internal SPOC, and Salesforce using Technical, commercial, Regulatory Affairs, Business Manager, and customer roles.

1. Test Coverage
  • The project ensured that integration between the Customer Portal, Internal SPOC, and Salesforce bi-directional data exchange was tested thoroughly.
2. Design
  • Implemented data data-driven test automation framework that allowed to execution of the test scenarios on multiple browsers and enabled test data exchange by varying data inputs.
3. Integration
  • The solutions are integrated with JIRA, TestOps & BitBucket.
4. Detailed Reporting
  • The project provided real-time test reports enabling the team to quickly identify and address issues.
  • Data verification automation has improved the accuracy and speed of data validation.
  • Data verification automation has enhanced the quality of data-driven processes, minimizing data errors and inconsistencies.
  • Automation has resulted in cost savings through reduced manual testing efforts, faster testing cycles, and more efficient data validation.
  • Automation has accelerated the testing phase, allowing us to release new features.