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PDB Product Image

Why Global Access System

The application serves as an Electronic Register for managing Application/Equipment access, and facilitating user actions such as activation, deactivation, bulk activation/deactivation, modification, approvals and password reset requests.
Request Management
  • Simplifies access activation process.
  • Eliminates manual paperwork.
  • Enables digital request submission.
  • Standardizes workflows.
  • Enhances efficiency and productivity.
  • User-friendly interface.
Digital Verification
  • Ensures compliance with training requirements.
  • Authenticates users based on qualifications.
  • Enhances security and regulatory compliance.
  • Digitally verifies training certificates.
  • Provides access control based on qualifications.

key Features

Master Data History Tracking

  • Monitors changes in master data over time.
  • Provides detailed logs of modifications.
  • Facilitates auditing procedures.
  • Enhances data management clarity.
  • Simplifies tracking adjustments and timestamps.
  • Ensures accountability for data alterations.
  • Assists in regulatory compliance.

Bulk Updates

  • Simplifies data management.
  • Enables targeted updates.
  • Ensures data accuracy.
  • Saves time with automation.
  • Reduces manual entry.
  • Boosts administrative efficiency.

On-Click Reports

  • Instantly generates insightful reports with a single click.
  • Facilitates quick decision-making based on relevant data.
  • Supports data-driven insights for strategic planning.

Process Orientation

  • Ensures requests adhere to standardized workflows.
  • Promotes consistency and reduces errors in request management.
  • Enhances efficiency with structured processes.

Digitized Activation Process

  • Streamlines equipment/app access, eliminating paperwork.
  • Enhances organizational efficiency and productivity.
  • Accelerates activation with automated processes.

Auditable and Traceable

  • Provides a transparent record of all user actions.
  • Enhances accountability and compliance with regulations.
  • Facilitates thorough auditing and internal policy adherence.


Various reporting capabilities are available, including
  • User-wise Equipment Lists
  • Plant-wise Requests
  • Plant-wise Equipment
  • User History Tracking by Equipment
  • Active User List


The application includes master data management functionalities for
  • Plants
  • Departments
  • Equipment
  • User Roles
  • Approvers Management